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Big boobs West Fargo fat lady nyc

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Age: 50
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City: Lander County, Hayes County, Rimersburg, Herndon
Hair: Silver
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You act like I don't care or that it is easy for me to walk away from you.

It's not. I care more about you than my girlfriend but I refuse to leave her just because all of a sudden you're ready for a relationship.

You act like I'm making a huge mistake, and maybe I am, but you had your chance with Looking 4 a girl 2 pee on me. I gave you all of me and you could have had someone that loved you unconditionally but you let that slip through your fingers.

Now that I found someone that truely loves me and accepts me for who I am, you want to be with Seeking Burgettstown 4 mindless indulgence. Of course you do, I'm not a bad guy but I guess it took someone else being in love with me to prove that to you.

I do love you but I'm done with the games.

I want to be with you but unlike some people, breaking up with someone that loves you the way she loves me, the way I felt for you, isn't easy. I don't want to hurt her like.

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I Know that things aren't going to work out Looking for truth and fun her and me but I will let things end because of that, not because of you.

I might have if things hadn't gotten so bad between us this weekend. You are a different person when you drink, even if you don't think so.

I am on a thin line right now on whether I hate or love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!